So Much To Be Thankful For!

Nov 23, 2021

To our incredible Providence Heights family,  

We have much to be thankful for here at Providence Heights.  On March 5th, we opened our doors to our inaugural group of women and children. This group has grown to ten women and five children who are now experiencing transformation on so many levels. We call the women in the program Arrows because they are changing the trajectory of their lives and aiming for a target – God’s purpose and who He created them to be.

Providence Collective was also launched, jumpstarting our sustainable model in action alongside experiential entrepreneurial training. Our first major venture is Providence Coffee. The new Providence Coffee is proudly roasted by Storyville Coffee – some of the best sourced beans out there! Both Storyville Coffee and Providence Coffee are 100% for give. This means that with each bag of coffee purchased, you are supporting two united efforts to see women thrive.

A number of the women enrolled at Providence Heights have launched small businesses within Providence Collective as well, including the beautiful jewelry from Esther Sky Designs; and gorgeous floral arrangements by Sheril’s Florals.

One incredibly encouraging message we received from one of our Arrows at Providence Heights:

My music is a gift and I am blessed! Here at PH, I will learn how to share but will take time. Today during church, I realized I don’t have to just survive anymore! I’ve been procrastinating out of fear and anxiety too long. No more just making it through the day, no more going through life on auto pilot. No more being stuck behind barriers! I am safe here! I am loved here! I am free to live life, thrive and build a safe environment where my son can just be a kid! I’m getting help, making progress and welcoming change. I still have lots of healing to do and barriers to break down but here there is hope and real progress being made. Thank you SO much! Being here is a blessing!

This is the heartbeat of Providence Heights.

This Thanksgiving, as we kick off the holiday season, it is abundantly clear that God is moving, and He is pouring His grace, strength and hope over Providence Heights. And this would not be possible without the support of our volunteers and donors.

John and Candee Sinclair were the first to give financially to Providence Heights, even before it became a reality. I remember sitting with Candee and telling her about the vision of Providence Heights. She immediately reached into her bag and pulled out all the cash she had in her purse and handed it to me. She and John have stood with us since the beginning and their support and prayers are an anchor to our program.

Our talented and gracious volunteers have our utmost gratitude. Two brilliant women, Alisha Kelso and Shel Renning, have committed countless hours each week in training our Arrows and equipping them with tangible business skills and lessons. They only represent two of many dedicated volunteers that help Providence Heights move forward.

Thank you to all of our wonderful donors and volunteers; you are true heroes of the faith, and we couldn’t be more appreciative of your support and generosity.

We are full of gratitude when we think about the faithfulness of our community and the faithfulness of the God we serve. To be able to share His love and meet needs tangibly is an incredible honor. We truly pray this Thanksgiving, that very faithfulness of God is abundant in your life.


Christine Soule  
Founder & CEO, Providence Heights