Our Plan

Providence Heights is a Christian, non-profit organization. We believe providing housing and a family of collaborative, results-driven care is central to meaningful and lasting change — a place where hope is restored, purpose renewed and sustainable independence is achieved.

Financial stability is key to our long-term success and ability to fulfill our mission. Too often, non-profit organizations rely solely on annual donations and government funding as their primary source of revenue. This can become an open door for issues related to financial strain that threaten their sustainability. In contrast, a more diversified income stream which includes alternative sources of funding can provide the diversification necessary to create a more stable source of cash flow.

Providence Heights plans to diversify its income stream by leasing building space to businesses in the surrounding community.

Development of buildings that will create leasable square footage
   •  Commercial
   •  Retail
   •  Housing

Future Plans:

Capital Campaigns

We will have two capital campaigns to raise the funds needed to build the Providence Heights campus.

Transforming Lives Campaign: Will commence our primary priorities to house women and children, an education & counseling center, and administrative offices.

Capital Campaign: We will establish our next priority to become sustainable. This stage will include growing our existing programs, numerous entrepreneurial social ventures, retail and office space integration, a church, and a day care center.

Join the Journey

Any amount of generosity can make a huge difference in the lives of others!