Where hope is restored, purpose renewed and sustainable independence is achieved

A Training Center for Women and Children in Need

Providence Heights

Discover Your Purpose

Become one step closer to Jesus

Belong to a family

Have a safe place to call home

Grow with a Life Coach and Counselor

Continue your Education or Work Training

Our Mission

Providence Heights empowers people in need through housing, employment opportunities, and personal development programs rooted in Christian faith. Our sustainable model includes reinvesting revenues generated through real-estate, commercial and entrepreneurial enterprises.

Our Vision

Every individual can have a home and thrive in pursuit of God’s purpose.

We are a training center whose purpose is to equip and empower women and children in need to realize their full potential. To fully thrive and not just survive. The Department of Human and Health Services and UNICEF have indicated that women and children have roughly 48-72 hours on the streets before pimps and drug dealers get to them.

According to the US Department of State, 70% of adult female trafficking victims experienced domestic violence prior to being trafficked. Therefore, we are a preventative organization that aims to help and safeguard women prior to them being exposed to the trauma of homelessness.

What We Do

The Puget Sound Business Journal estimates that Seattle spends more than $1 billion per year on fragmented programs to support those who are displaced. Taxpayers contribute to a staggering estimate of $82,000 per person each year. And in spite of best efforts, the challenges that come with it continue to grow, as does the cost. 

There is an estimated 12,000 people without a home, with King County has the third largest homeless rate in the United States. 

Our goal is to help women and children never become a number.

The Need

Our Plan

•  Become one step closer to Jesus
•  Belong and be part of a family
•  Discover their identity and calling
•  Have safe place to call home
•  Grow with a life coach and counselor
•  Continue enrichment programs and certifications
•  Learn entrepreneurial and work training skills
•  Children included

Phase I: Transforming Lives

Our Pillars

1.  Give women and children an opportunity to know       Jesus Christ
2.  Believe in them
3.  Provide training and education
4.  Offer opportunities to enhance their lives

Providence Heights is a Christian organization that stands on four pillars that we believe are essential to repairing and restoring lives. 

Our financial model includes multiple sources of revenue that will create sustainable income to maximize impact so we can replicate this model in other parts of the Puget Sound area and beyond.

Our unique revenue integration will provide apprenticeship, jobs and entrepreneurial skills.

Capitalism For the Poor

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We invite you to join us in restoring dignity and opportunity to the women and children of Providence Heights…
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