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Providence Heights

Providence Heights is a place where

Perseverance Collides with Purpose

Providence Heights

Providence Heights is a one-to-two year residential training center that focuses on prevention and transformation.

Reflecting on the Last Year

Our Mission

As a Christ-centered community that serves women and children, our mission is to believe in every individual, and provide training, education, housing, and opportunities for business creation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help change the trajectory of the lives of women and children so they can thrive in pursuit of God’s purpose.

We offer women a structured program that will provide an opportunity for them to: grow in their relationship with Jesus, receive life coaching to discover their purpose, undergo leadership and discipleship training, live in an intentional and loving community, and receive 1:1 counseling all while living in a private residence.
The four major tenets of our program are: 
  •  Personal Foundations 
  •  Coaching  
  •  Business Training 
  •  Financial Freedom

What We Offer

Providence Collective

Providence Collective is the experiential learning arm and career accelerator of the Providence Heights program.
The Collective supports women in completing their secondary education, trains them for meaningful careers and business leadership, and assists them with obtaining employment or launching businesses. Through PC, Arrows gain real world experience, in-demand skills, and are surrounded by a community of coaches and peers that launch them into their own business or career.
The businesses incubated within the Collective also fund the vision of PH by reinvesting revenues generated from these real estate, commercial, and entrepreneurial ventures.

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Our Values

Christ - Our faith and actions are grounded in the Word of God.
Commerce - We generate sustainable revenues to fund our mission.
Community - we foster an atmosphere of unity, healthy relationships, compassion, and accountability. 
Collaboration - We work together to accomplish the shared goals of our community.
Creativity - We utilize proven strategies and new ideas to restore lives and relationships.

Ingrained in nearly every system is preventative care. Healthcare is a one example of many. We believe this should hold true for the social system, where oftentimes women and children find themselves unable to obtain help before entering the crisis cycle. 
Our aim at Providence Heights is to be a resource for them prior to any harmful exposure; to ultimately end the crisis cycle from happening at all.


“Prevention is better than cure.”

Treasured One

“God has a plan and purpose for each one of us. Providence Heights is not just a place, it’s a journey that many never get to experience - to hit the pause button on the chaos in our lives, to stop, regroup and discover purpose in a radically transformative way. The program goals are to uncover the brokenness and line them with golden opportunities so they can walk through life with victory and launch into a destiny filled with hope. We desire all our participants to know Jesus more deeply and to thrive in His calling for them.”

Christine Soule

Founder and CEO

Future Arrow,

We are a residential entrepreneurship training program. A family of women and children that have decided to break barriers, hold hands, and lift each other up towards new heights. We’re called Arrows because God has an incredible plan for our lives – one that is aiming for great purpose. We want to extend a worldwide invitation for you to join us! Come change your life.

-Providence Heights Arrows

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