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Providence Heights

Turning Needs into OPPORTUNITIES

Two Non-Profits – One Vision

Providence Heights

Providence Heights empowers people in need through housing, employment opportunities, and personal development programs rooted in Christian faith.

We are a residential training community whose purpose is to equip and empower women and their children (under 18 years old) to realize their full potential.

Our plan is for women and children to thrive and not just survive. Within the one-year program, we teach entrepreneurial skills to encourage growth in core components of business development and personal development.

Providence Heights is a place to have HOPE and to DREAM again.

What We Do

Providence Collective

Funds the Vision of Providence Heights by reinvesting revenues generated through real-estate, commercial and entrepreneurial enterprises.


Proceeds from sales of any Providence Collective product empowers future business leaders. The Collective teaches entrepreneurial skills, responsibilities and leads to real job opportunities that allow women to support their families with sustainable income.


"Come Taste  Freedom in Every Sip"

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Our Pillars

1.   Jesus Christ - Discipleship & Community
2.  Believe in Them - Life Coaching & Counseling
3.  Provide - Training & Education
4.  Offer Opportunities - Entrepreneurial &
     Leadership Skills

Providence Heights is a Christian organization that stands on four pillars that we believe are essential to repairing and restoring lives. 

The Puget Sound Business Journal estimates that Seattle spends more than $1 billion per year on fragmented programs to support those who are displaced. Taxpayers contribute to a staggering estimate of $82,000 per person each year. And in spite of best efforts, the challenges that come with it continue to grow, as does the cost.

The Department of Human and Health Services and UNICEF have indicated that woman and children have roughly 48-72 hours on the streets before pimps and drug dealers get to them. And according to the US Department of State, 70% of adult female trafficking victims experienced domestic violence prior to being trafficked.

There is an estimated 12,000 people without a home, with King County having the third largest homeless rate in the United States.

Our plan is to help women and their children to never become a number. We are a preventative organization that aims to safeguard them prior to any harmful exposure.


Treasured One

“God has a plan and purpose for each one of us. Providence Heights is not just a place, it’s a journey that many never get to experience - to hit the pause button on the chaos in our lives, to stop, regroup and discover purpose in a radically transformative way. The program goals are to uncover the brokenness and line them with golden opportunities so they can walk through life with victory and launch into a destiny filled with hope. We desire all our participants to know Jesus more deeply and to thrive in His calling for them.”

Christine Soule

Founder and CEO

Future Arrow,

We are a residential entrepreneurship training program. A family of women and children that have decided to break barriers, hold hands, and lift each other up towards new heights. We’re called Arrows because God has an incredible plan for our lives – one that is aiming for great purpose. We want to extend a worldwide invitation for you to join us! Come change your life.

-Providence Heights Arrows

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