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Help every woman,
everywhere find her purpose.

87 million women in the U.S. report feeling hopeless. But, we’re on a mission to change that. Your gift allows women facing financial barriers the opportunity to discover their God-given potential and purpose at a subsidized cost.

What Happens With Hope

We help women realize their potential and purpose because empowered women lead to healthy communities, economic growth, and inclusivity and innovation in the workplace.

A World Bank study estimates that the limited educational opportunities for girls and barriers to completing 12 years of education cost countries between $15 trillion and $30 trillion dollars in lost lifetime productivity and earnings.

Source: World Bank

If women were to participate more equally to men in the workplace, it could drive $5-6 trillion in growth and an 11% increase in global GDP.

Source: Forbes

An MIT study sought to determine the make-up of the most effective leadership teams and found the most effective were those best at reading people, and those were the teams with the most women.

Source: New York Times

Our Work

Our multidimensional development program shines a clear and direct light on hidden potential in a world that consistently obscures God-given calling and gifting.

We help women realize their potential and purpose.

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