What’s next for Providence Heights: A Letter from Founder Christine Soule

Our Work

Our Work

We believe preventing crisis cycles is better than trying to cure the effects of them.

That’s why our program encompasses personal development, financial literacy, career acceleration, and entrepreneurial training so women can pursue lives of independence and purpose.

Personal Development

Our program covers healing and identity, personal finances, health and wellness, with an emphasis on spiritual growth and leadership. After growth happens in these areas, participants move into mapping out career plans.

Career Acceleration

Program participants have the opportunity to complete their secondary education, develop a specific skill set for a career path, or launch their own business.


Women are equipped with entrepreneurial skills and business training to either pursue a career path or launch a venture of their own.

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The Path to Purpose

In this five-episode original docuseries we follow the journey of one of our program participants, Lindsey, as she navigates life within the walls of Providence Heights. These candid interviews gather real reactions from a woman discovering her worth, healing from her past, and imagining new possibilities for her future.

Our Impact


women served


children served


women in new jobs


new businesses founded


coaching & counseling sessions


hours of entrepreneurship training

Areas of Focus

A woman who comes to Providence Heights doesn’t just find a home, she finds her purpose.

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Our coaches work one-on-one with each participant to align gifts and experience with opportunities to find and share their voice.

Financial Literacy

From day one, program participants work on improving their financial goals to create sustainable futures.

Professional Development

Our business coaches work with program participants to discern gifts and talents that translate into financial independence and confidence in the marketplace. The next step is providing women with opportunities to either pursue a career path or create a business plan that aligns with their purpose.

Spiritual Discipleship

Scripture is threaded throughout every aspect of our program, giving women the opportunity to heal and grow within the context of God’s love for them.

Life Coaching

Through both group and one-on-one coaching, women continue their personal development during their time at Providence Heights.

Business Mentorship

Through business mentorship and personal coaching, women learn the fundamentals of launching a successful business venture. Those who decide to pursue the path of becoming an entrepreneur work with our coaches to create a business plan before they graduate.


We encourage one-on-one counseling with licensed therapists for program participants and their children and have partnered with the Meier Clinics—a Christian Counseling Clinic—to provide a special rate for those in our program.


Since there’s no "one size fits all," we work closely with other organizations and churches to make resources and support for women and their children more accessible.

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We help more women realize their
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